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Denis Ndeloh


Denis' home Antwerp
51° 15' 37.0872" N, 4° 13' 3.5004" E


Denis was born and raised in a village in Cameroon. He comes from a large family; his father had two wives and 13 children. The lifestyle of Denis’ family was pretty much self sufficient. Everyone in the family had to do their bit to help out, so from an early age, Denis knew about hunting, gathering and farming. Growing up in a village near the rainforest undoubtedly had a huge impact on Denis’ sense of connection with nature, and gave him a deeper understanding of how diverse ecosystem the earth is.

Yolanda's work

Yo finished two Master’s degrees in Holland: a Master of fine arts & education and a Master degree in political science/gender studies. During her studies she decided to research alternative communities and how people are collectively trying to practice their ideals in daily life. This brought her on a journey, and now she is herself practicing her ideals most days of the year in a collective in Porto. this means she is busy with many different projects, in addition to the regular tasks of renovating the spaces she occupies.



yolanda Porto
41° 8' 25.4364" N, 8° 36' 52.758" W
Level of activity: 

Yo was born in a small town in the Netherlands. She lost both her parents when she was very young. She grew up with different families, and later  in a house with other young people in similar circumstances. Yo has an older sister who started squatting houses when Yo was in her early teens. So collective ways of living and the unconventional is something Yo is very familiar with and comfortable with.

Steven Vromman


Steven's home Ghent
51° 3' 33.6636" N, 3° 45' 11.4012" E

Steven grew up in a small village in Flanders in times where everything was possible and there were no limits. In his early teens he began questioning things, and he became more and more involved in North – South issues, human rights and justice. On a trip to Bolivia, at the age of 26, he was confronted with the reality of the situation for the first time, and seeing with his own eyes the disparity, he was determined to do something about it.

Carolien Hoogland


51° 55' 50.5848" N, 4° 28' 56.7192" E
Level of activity: 

Carolien became passionate about nature and social equality at a young age. She was devastated watching the news about animal species getting extinct, and her empathy for people, other creatures and nature was awakened.

Tom's work

Level of activity: 

Five years ago Tom started up his organic farm Het Open Veld in Leuven. He grows over 60 types of vegetables and fruits on his two hectares. He also has beautiful cherry trees, sheep for grazing and bees. The best part is that the farm is at the border of the city of Leuven, so the food production takes place very close to the people who eat the food- and it is organic, seasonal and ethically sound.

Tom's home

Tom bought a 2-floor house from 1875 in the fall of 2010. The house was in a bad condition, missing windows, leaking roof, damp, and the previous owners had burned their heating fire directly on the ground.
To Tom this was a positive thing. He could then renovate the house without having to throw away useful but unwanted items.
Less than a year later his home is taking shape and he has made a bunch of ecological decisions for it.

Tom Troonbeeckx


50° 52' 39.2556" N, 4° 42' 15.5808" E

Tom grew up in several small towns around Leuven with his mother and brother. He was always interested in plants and gardening, and it was his role in the family to take care of the plants and vegetables. Tom didn't however imagine farming as a successful profession, as a farmer's incomes is not only determined by the weather but also by wholesalers and food chains. Despite having enjoyed working as a social worker for a while, his heart kept bringing him back to the fields.

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