Cristina's Q&A

Q: Where do you get your sustainable meat from?
From my community group, or GAS which stands for gruppo di acquisto solidale. The one I’m subscribed to is run by Casimiro Fumagalli. Casimiro buys poultry from a local farm and meat from another. I’m mostly vegetarian and do not eat meat unless it’s been raised on healthy food in a healthy environment. We sometimes eat rabbit that we buy at the street market in our neighborhood.

nid%3D219%7Ctitle%3D%7Cdesc%3D%7Clink%3DnoneQ: Where do you get other local and organic food from in Milan?
Always through Casimiro Fumagalli, or at the Centro Botanico, a store that not only sells thousands of certified organic products but also educates consumers. We have a small garden in the country 2 hours from Milan and we eat everything we grow during spring summer and fall.

Q: What books/films on the subject would you recommend?
Ecological Intelligence  by Daniel Goleman
All of Vandana Shiva’s books
The power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Q: How can you manage to identify electromagnetic fields in the house?
The best way is to have a bio architect or dowser come into the house and map the Hartmann grid. It’s important to have a certified specialist, and the same person will indicate the solutions to dissipate the knots.

Q: Any practical advise on how to reduce chemicals in the home?
Buy Eco-labeled products or certified organic detergents, or avoid detergents all together with microfiber cloths – best to invest in quality cloths that are made of different fibers according to the use. They are very effective – one can even wash dishes without detergent, using cold water (not hot!) and an appropriate cloth.

Q: Why do you have a  cactus next to your computer?
Hairy cactus absorbs electro magnetic rays. Placing a cactus next to your computer will protect you from the harmful radiation that your computer gives off.

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