Andrew's Q&A

Q: What are some of your favourite books on the subject?
Paul Gilding's The Great Disruption, a great reading of the global crisis and how we are beyond worrying about carbon footprints. He prepares you for what's really coming next.
Then there is The World Without Us, where Alan Weisman looks at how the planet would be without human beings, showing how long it would take for cities to become wilderness again, and how long some of our chemicals created would stay. 

Q: Where do you buy your food in London?
I am lucky that there is this wonderful shop around my corner with fresh produce and and a good bit of it locally sourced, Newington Green fruit and Vegetables. It is really The place in my neighbourhood.
There are so many interesting places in London, like the farm shop, an urban farm in a building with a cafe and working spaces.
Then there's the People's supermarket, a collective where you become a member, volunteer a few hours a month, and have a say in how the place is run.
Another great shop is  Unpackaged, which, as its name suggests, doesn't sell packaged goods, so you bring your own containers to the shop. A great way to reduce all this packaging waste.

Q: Another tip on sustainable consuming?
We like to buy new clothes and accessories frequently. And now there are popping up several initiatives that allow people to still have new clothes, without really buying them from the regular shops. For instance I have been involved in this project called Cupboard love that is based on 3 principles: Wear me (most of us have way more clothes in our wardrobes than we use, so it is about shopping in your own wardrobe and using creativity for styling). Share me (by sharing clothes with friends, family and in clothes swapping schemes the variation in your closet grows, without needing to shop) and Set me free (bring unwanted clothes to charity shops and give them a second life).




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