Steven Vromman


Steven's home Ghent
51° 3' 33.6636" N, 3° 45' 11.4012" E

Steven grew up in a small village in Flanders in times where everything was possible and there were no limits. In his early teens he began questioning things, and he became more and more involved in North – South issues, human rights and justice. On a trip to Bolivia, at the age of 26, he was confronted with the reality of the situation for the first time, and seeing with his own eyes the disparity, he was determined to do something about it.

Tom's home

Tom bought a 2-floor house from 1875 in the fall of 2010. The house was in a bad condition, missing windows, leaking roof, damp, and the previous owners had burned their heating fire directly on the ground.
To Tom this was a positive thing. He could then renovate the house without having to throw away useful but unwanted items.
Less than a year later his home is taking shape and he has made a bunch of ecological decisions for it.

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