Andrew's work

Sustainability Strategist & Entrepreneur


Andrew is a sustainability strategist and innovator with 15 years experience in making companies more sustainable and bold in their actions, as well as an entrepreneur starting his own businesses.
He started in the field of corporate responsibility reporting, applying more the 'push' approach. This means collecting data and reporting on sustainability and social measures of companies. In that way hoping to push companies to become transparent and to improve annually their performance.
Then he moved more towards what he calls the 'pull', uncovering market or consumer opportunities for business to improve their products and practices. Andrew has worked with many major companies, as well as small start-ups, looking at ways to change, not only in reducing emissions, but also in how to use different business models. For instance where the clients or consumers become also sharers, users and creators, and C to B businesses, where a company only makes things when asked for a product.
“7 out of 10 people in Europe are not quite happy how they deal with the environment. Well that’s a brilliant business opportunity”
In addition to consulting as a sustainable strategist, Andrew is currently involved in several projects/companies. He has his own start-up called echoecho, a free mobile application to map out friends and help them find each other.
Another project is the not for profit project “Do the green thing” an organisation aiming to inspire people through innovative, easy and fun solutions to lead greener lifestyles. They built an interactive website where people share their stories, but they also create material themselves such as clever and fun video clips around certain sustainability themes.
“I definitely think that some form of business will be key to any society and that
business today is probably one of the most influential actors in creating change, but it is not business as we know it – that’s for sure”


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