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Yolanda's work

Yo finished two Master’s degrees in Holland: a Master of fine arts & education and a Master degree in political science/gender studies. During her studies she decided to research alternative communities and how people are collectively trying to practice their ideals in daily life. This brought her on a journey, and now she is herself practicing her ideals most days of the year in a collective in Porto. this means she is busy with many different projects, in addition to the regular tasks of renovating the spaces she occupies.



yolanda Porto
41° 8' 25.4364" N, 8° 36' 52.758" W
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Yo was born in a small town in the Netherlands. She lost both her parents when she was very young. She grew up with different families, and later  in a house with other young people in similar circumstances. Yo has an older sister who started squatting houses when Yo was in her early teens. So collective ways of living and the unconventional is something Yo is very familiar with and comfortable with.

Vera's work



Vera currently has two jobs that link well  her passions for vegetarianism and creating ways to make things more sustainable. She cooks at the vegetarian restaurant Nakite and she designs and makes products for women and children.

Shabnam Anvar


Shabnam's home Paris
48° 50' 54.0168" N, 2° 23' 44.8512" E

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