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Stories of everyday people

Brussels, Belgium
Collective urban space and neighbourhood center
Hveragerði, Iceland
Visual artist and creator of Natturan.is
Porto, Portugal
freegan, grassroot projects
Stockholm, Sweden
Refurbishing, restoring and redesigning furniture
Paris, France
Change instigator & blogger
Helsinki, Finland
Architect, Komitu Architects, sustainable designs
Ghent, Belgium
Not for profit marketeer
Antwerp, Belgium / Cameroon
Primatologist, Cross River Gorillas, phd research
Helsinki, Finland
Documentary film maker and producer
Hafnarfjörður, Iceland
Creator of Soley Organics, natural skin care
Oslo, Norway
Communication consultant, permaculture, Majobo
Porto, Portugal
Clothing & crafts designer
Leuven, Belgium
Organic farmer
London, UK
Sustainability Strategist
Ghent, Belgium
writer and consultant
Leuven, Belgium
Communications & journalist
Brussels, Belgium
Social entrepreneur
Porto, Portugal
Eco-Social activist & tour guide
Milan, Italy
Press & television journalist
Copenhagen, Denmark
Engineer, sustainable product design
Oslo, Norway
cofounder of Kompass, empowerment center for youth
Stockholm /Lindsberg, Sweden
Social entrepreneur, Upcycling, Creative project manager
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Academic researcher
Copenhagen, Denmark
urban mobility start-up, bicycle infrastructure