Food for our heads, hearts and stomachs

Yesterday we went to Hveragerði to meet Gunna and Einar at their lovely home.

The couple greeted us warmly and shared their story. Gunna a visual artist and Einar a computer programmer launched, a comprehensive website covering matters of sustainability relevant to Iceland. It started as an idea for sharing information on herbs and grasses that grow in Iceland but it quickly grew to cover all types of issues ranging from households, growing food, waste disposal, mapping organic food and green companies production in Iceland,  and general information on Icelandic environmental policies.

Whenever they are looking for a sustainable solution and can't find it in an "easy" or user friendly way, they go ahead, research and make an app or section on their site providing the information. So it begins with them and their search for ways to choose the more sustainable path. For instance they are now making a phone application that explains the meaning of the different E-numbers listed on our food packages mean, because they themselves were curious and wanted to know more.

Gunna and Einar grow much of their own vegetables, collect herbs, have chicken and are living in an area where the hot water flows up from the ground.  We got the chance to eat some of their food... like the home grown herb and kale smoothie and home made icecream (made with eggs from their chicken)

We left Gunna and Einar's place after many hours of talking and learning. We did not leave empty handed, as on top of filling our stomach with yummy food, our head with information and our hearts with inspiration, we also got t-shirts, green maps and green cards. Thank you so much Gunna and Einar!!!!

Keep your eye out for their story that will come online in a couple of months here...


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