Final day of the big Nordic tour

This will be our last blog for now.... We've finished meeting all our 10 people we have interviewed in the Nordic countries for everyday stories. We received funding from the Nordic Culture Fund that allowed us to travel to Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and finally Iceland, and we've met amazing people. Not only the 10 we have filmed, but many more.

Now the editing begins for real and we will be sharing with you these stories in the coming weeks and months. Before going to our computers for working, we had a day of Icelandic nature with our friend Katla, where we had plenty of water ...

We went with the other tourists to Geysir, to look at the ground water explode into air

 Here it is all calm and quiet...and then

It exploded right over Louise and Katla

Leaving them soaking wet in warm water

This did not stop us from seeing more things, such as Gullfoss:


Finally we dipped completely into a natural hot spring in the middle of nowhere called Hruni


Thanks for following us so on this journey, and stay tuned for the stories coming online on our Nordic everyday heroes!


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