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Carolien's work

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Carolien is an academic researcher, focusing on issues of urban development and patterns of food consumption. During her year without money, she took a break from her job and worked directly with the people she made bartering agreements with, which made her year very busy and professionally diverse.


Carolien Hoogland


51° 55' 50.5848" N, 4° 28' 56.7192" E
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Carolien became passionate about nature and social equality at a young age. She was devastated watching the news about animal species getting extinct, and her empathy for people, other creatures and nature was awakened.

Tom's work

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Five years ago Tom started up his organic farm Het Open Veld in Leuven. He grows over 60 types of vegetables and fruits on his two hectares. He also has beautiful cherry trees, sheep for grazing and bees. The best part is that the farm is at the border of the city of Leuven, so the food production takes place very close to the people who eat the food- and it is organic, seasonal and ethically sound.

Tom Troonbeeckx


50° 52' 39.2556" N, 4° 42' 15.5808" E

Tom grew up in several small towns around Leuven with his mother and brother. He was always interested in plants and gardening, and it was his role in the family to take care of the plants and vegetables. Tom didn't however imagine farming as a successful profession, as a farmer's incomes is not only determined by the weather but also by wholesalers and food chains. Despite having enjoyed working as a social worker for a while, his heart kept bringing him back to the fields.


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