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Stories of everyday people

Leuven, Belgium
Organic farmer
Ghent, Belgium
writer and consultant
Stockholm /Lindsberg, Sweden
Social entrepreneur, Upcycling, Creative project manager
Leuven, Belgium
Communications & journalist
Porto, Portugal
Eco-Social activist & tour guide
Brussels, Belgium
Social entrepreneur
Hafnarfjörður, Iceland
Creator of Soley Organics, natural skin care
Milan, Italy
Press & television journalist
London, UK
Sustainability Strategist
Helsinki, Finland
Documentary film maker and producer
Porto, Portugal
Clothing & crafts designer
Helsinki, Finland
Architect, Komitu Architects, sustainable designs
Porto, Portugal
freegan, grassroot projects
Copenhagen, Denmark
Engineer, sustainable product design
Paris, France
Change instigator & blogger
Oslo, Norway
Communication consultant, permaculture, Majobo
Brussels, Belgium
Collective urban space and neighbourhood center
Hveragerði, Iceland
Visual artist and creator of Natturan.is
Copenhagen, Denmark
urban mobility start-up, bicycle infrastructure
Oslo, Norway
cofounder of Kompass, empowerment center for youth
Stockholm, Sweden
Refurbishing, restoring and redesigning furniture
Ghent, Belgium
Not for profit marketeer
Antwerp, Belgium / Cameroon
Primatologist, Cross River Gorillas, phd research
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Academic researcher