Sunday with Inari

What a weekend! Another sunny inspiring day today. Helsinki is great!
Starting with food, we met Inari Virkkala for a super brunch...

After food, we tagged along on a journey with Inari; meeting  colleagues, flatmates and hearing her stories.

Inari kept describing herself as ordinary person, but there's nothing ordinary about her. She's not over selling her projects, but matter of factly telling us about building a house for a youth center in Cambodia, putting collective urban gardening plots on the roof of the Nokia building, biking to Germany, working on migration and building bridges between Finnish people and Roma people, and on top of all that finishing her studies as an architect and having a job... And she's also super friendly and we had a really easy going  fun day.

After meeting with Inari, we went to walk on the frozen sea, sat down at Regatta cafe and had coffee and cinamon rolls.

It is always so great to discover new people and places that make you happy happy happy!


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