Meeting Anders the engineer

Today we went to interview Anders. A mechanical engineer whose passion it is to change the way products are being made, from short term low quality to sustainable materials that meet the needs of the purpose of the objects. He started his company Green Machine with the goal of helping companies find sustainable materials to replace the current ones. So today, we learned more about materials and interestingly that there are many options available that make the ecological impact of what we own so much lower.

Anders showed us some plant based samples with various functionalities, and Louise filmed...


We visited him at his lovely apartment that overlooks the Copenhagen lakes and the spring day was just perfect.

We also vistited a recycling station really close to his house, where a very friendly gentleman explained to us all the different ways of sorting. And there was a "bring usable things corner" where people can bring thing and take for free... And this is in the middle of Norrebro. It is great having such an easy access to drop of your recyclable wastes. And there were about 10 different categories!


On our way back from the interview, Louise still impressed with all the bikes, saw a wedding where the bride and groom took off on a bike and she managed to capture the moment

And Olof found some more ærter to eat from a fruit and veggie stand and that made her happy

Finally, we had a quiet evening with some Danish cheese and crackers on the  balcony of the apartment we are staying at.... Until tomorrow.

Sweet dreams


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