Last day in Stockholm- bye bye Sverige

Friday was our last day of this tour. And we had the warmest most beautiful sunny weather. Thank you Sweden!

We started our day interviewing a fascinating man, Mattias Thambert. Mattias is very passionate about saving furniture from the Stockholm recycling waste stations, fixing them up and putting them back into the system. 

He started the company Refurn with his wife Maria. After years of working on saving old furniture, and fighting this unsustainable system of continuously taking virgin resources out of the planet, only to throw them in a dumpster a few years later, he got the permission from Stockholm city to collect furniture from 2 recycling stations in the area.

Mattias showed us around one of his shops and one of the warehouses where he stores furniture. The first day they went to collect old tossed out furniture at a recycling point they filled 5 containers in the matter of hours. "There are over 2000 cars going daily to each recycling station here with materials to be burned and recycled. I only have the capacity to save a small percentage of all the old furniture being thrown away." You should take a look at his website to see how many beautiful old furniture they have managed to rescue from the bin.

Doing a bit of our own salvaging of old things after our interview, Louise found this old game in a Red Cross shop in Stockholm. Do you remember playing this as a kid? Well, we spent the whole evening playing, and it seemed from the reactions at the place we were, that we aren't the only ones who still enjoy playing this game!

We saw this great photo at the cafe, and it made us think of ourselves in a few years: two old friends, still telling stories, serving some food and drinks of course. Not a bad future...

We'll miss Oslo and Stockholm and all the great great people we met. And are super thankful for all the generosity of people! ...And it is also a bit good to be back home... now to go to the editing room and make something out of all the material we collected!

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