Everyday Stories 1 years old- looking back

Time flies when you're having fun! Everyday Stories is 1 years old, and in this past year we've met so many inspiring and interesting people, and have shared 14 stories online. In order to celebrate this past year, we have made a video combining excerpts from all the stories online to date. Also, we have this brand new blog. On this blog you will get to stay more up to date with the people whose stories we are sharing. Here, Tom, Filip, Carolien, Steven, Shabnam, Lucie, Nick, Andrew, Cristina, Denis and the Urban Ecology trie: Stephan, Swen and Sabri will be able to share what's new with them, their ideas, thoughts and pressing issues. And of course all the new people whose stories will be coming online will be able to do the same. In this way we can stay even more connected to our everyday heros!
Happy birthday to us!

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