Bye bye Oslo, hello Stockholm

No interviews today, but still some time to meet inspiring people in Oslo.
We started with a coffee at café Saba, this lovely café and multicultural community centre with Helene Gallis. Helene is great, so full of energy and instead of talking about problems, she just goes ahead and does things. Judging from the 2 times we met her, we get the feeling she knows almost everyone in this part of town. It is so very cool how she cares about her neighbourhood, and how she works to strengthen the community feeling in her multicultural neighbourhood. There are definitely challenges areas that have many nationalities, and many individuals that have suffered traumas and are excluded from many parts of society. Helene is so passionate about the subject and she creates fun and real solutions, such as giving the children who have little space to run around and play a space to be in.

Margrethe Valler, our project partner also met up with us, with the great news that tomorrow morning early she will be interviewed on the local radio station Østlandssendingen. So if you wake up early, check it out. Then there was more running around, catching the lovely ladies at worldwide narrative and getting their insights into storytelling and social innovations. They are working on interesting projects where storytelling is an important tool. And they will work on connecting social entrepreneurs and innovators all over. We like that idea!
… but I was so busy talking and listening, that I forgot to take photos of them.
Finally after saying a sad goodbye to our friend and host Sissel, who prepared an amazing picnic for us to take on the train, we got on the train to Stockholm. It is really one of the best ways to travel!

Thank you everyone in Oslo! It has been such a pleasure meeting all of you inspiring and real people! Hope to see you again soon!
Now to see what adventures await us in Stockholm... 


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