The adventures continue in Sweden

 So, day 6 of the first part of our Nordic tour. We arrived in Stockholm and had a day walking around the city, where we ran into these band players, and looked at some very cool 2nd hand shops...

Then our trip was headed to this little spot of paradise where we spent 2 days. We arrived Wednesday morning at Lindsberg, where we found Sandra Kinnaman Nordström, and a group of other super interesting people. We didn’t know quite what to expect, and what we found was this huge amazing house full of life.
There we interviewed Sandra, a beautiful young woman who lives in Stockholm and is the process of creating something fantastic in Lindsberg with a small group of people.
Sandra told us her stories of travelling all over, searching for her path, that lead her to work for The good tribe, a social venture that focuses on creating solutions for zero waste, creative solutions and awareness. And in Lindsberg Sandra, with 3 of her friends, took over the house, that was in a state of deterioration, and are in the process of renovating the place, making it a sustainable space that is open to people, creative workshops on sustainability and a living space for ideas and exchanges.
And we met so many people who were passing through the house.  This weekend is a working weekend and people who can help are coming over to share their skills and spend a few days away from the city in an incredible environment. There is plenty of work to be done in a 3000m2 house, that many hands make an easier and a more fun task.
And we ate soup made of nettle from the garden. Who knew a weed that burns your legs when you walk into it can taste so good? And there was of course delicious home made bread that Pablo made. Everyone in the house has their speciality.

We also met our Swedish project partner Magnus Åkerlind, and his family at Lindsberg. They had come up for a week to help out. Magnus is working on many projects around sustainability and we are busy with very similar things. He and his partner Sophy have this web based project called Veckans hjälte (hero of the week), where they interview inspiring people from all over Sweden! They also made a magazine on Heroes of today that has been distributed to many many high schools. Great to meet them and share some thoughts!
Then of course we grabbed the opportunity and walked around in the fresh air and got even more revitalised in the surroundings. Louise always with the camera.
Can you imagine this was our view during our stay in Lindsberg? We have the best "job" ever. Meeting awesome people and spending time in the Lindsberg paradise!



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